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This is a country still very much at war, still very much with a drug issue, and still very much a risk for tourists that aren’t careful.

Things are, however, changing, so here’s to hoping that the reputation begins to follows suit because this really is an amazing country.

Music: After months in Bolivia I’d be happy if I never heard another pan flute in my life.

Don’t get me wrong, Andean music is beautiful; but there is only so much a man can take.

However, other than the Malbecs the Chilean wines are better overall.

The area between Santiago and the coast offers some of the best wine in the world.

However, in doing it on my own, and spending so much time in Latin America, I have discovered a lot about each and every country.

Having now travelled through every single country in South America I feel like I’ve gotten a pretty good grasp of all the countries. The truth is that there is no country in South America with such amazing natural wonders as Argentina.

In general, Bolivia remains on of the best countries to travel to on the planet, in my opinion.

Selection of Cheese: I don’t have too many great things to say about French Guiana, but after two years in a continent without good cheese seeing the selection at the grocery stores in French Guiana was like a dip in heavenly waters.

Transit system: There are no buses that run through French Guiana so you have to pay for a collective taxi, the price which runs as much as 20 Euros an hour.

Style: If you’re into mullets and stone washed pink jeans then Chile is the place for you.

I’m not sure where this style of “ugly is the new pretty” came from, but it really has to come to an end.

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A weekend on Lapa in Rio de Janeiro will prove the skill of the Brazilian party machine to anyone who visits.

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